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Oct 24, 2012 8:00am PDT
by showing up on election day. nina turner has represented cleveland, ohio, since 2006. first at city hall, now as a state senator. it's great to have you with us today, and the obama campaign touted its early lead there in ohio in the early voting yesterday saying it's not going to let up. as we know, the vice president is there basically all week. the race there will only get more heated with ohio now the top market in the ad spending. i want everybody to take a look at that. $177 million. is president obama's early lead enough to buffer any gains that the romney campaign is expected to make on election day the old fashioned way? >> i believe so, thomas. i mean, ohio is the president's life line. just as we delivered ohio in 2008, we will deliver ohio in 2012. the buckeyes here in the state understand that the president's policies are what are right for the state of ohio from throwing a lifeline to the auto industry to making sure that one of the first pieces of legislation that he signed into law was the lily leadbetter act. we have a governor in governor romney who can't even decide wh
Oct 31, 2012 8:00am PDT
there in your city? >> well, i think the first thing that we need to do is to get power restored as quickly as we can. you know, there's an old saying that pictures are better than words. and for the president to come to atlantic city, i am most appreciative. he will see for himself the devastation that has been wrecked on this city by sandy. but i'm happy to say that although the loss in terms of property is catastrophic, on the human side the loss was very minimal. not to diminish the loss of one life that we had, but there has been no real serious injury to our residents. we did have one fatality. and so on the human side, i think we came through this as best as we could hope. certainly we would like to have preserved all life, but we did unfortunately lose one. but again, on the property side, catastrophic damage. on the human side, very minimal, so i'll very thankful for that. >> seeing things very important but the actions of the people of atlantic city restoring power more important. what is the timeline, sir, that you think that people will get power? >> as we speak, crews are out a
Oct 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
that we have ever experienced. our first responders have been doing a heroic job protecting our city and saving lives and they are still fighting fires and con ukt doing life-saving search and rescue migs and we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude. the storm brought something like 23 serious fires to parts of staten island, brooklyn, queens as well as city island in the bronx. the terrible fire on breezy point is now ununder control, but we believe we lost more than 80 houses. the search and recovery operations there are ongoing. if any of you saw the pictures on television is looked look a forest fire out in the midwest. the winds were just deaf statinstatin devastating and blowing from one building to the next one. we are hoping and praying that there was no loss of life in those fires, but even we can -- even if we can save any lives, many people have lost their homes and they have our full support in the days and weeks ahead. the 76 shelters we opened will remain open today and we will continue to keep shelters open until people displaced by the storm can safely return to thei
Oct 13, 2012 11:00am PDT
with that part of the debate. with the again benn ga city stuff? >> definitely. you saw it coming into and out of that vice-presidential debate. paul ryan had the branding as this economic policy wonk and yet the first question that he faced was the administration's handling of the libyan attack and the assault on benghazi and he ended up taking the case to the vice president through the beginning of that debate and that's just been more fuel for the romney campaign ever since. you saw hillary clinton and the president saying nobody wants more than them to find out exactly what happened. so they have the administration responding to the terms of their debate where it used to be the administration was taking the fight to them, they're now taking the fight to the administration. >> i want to bring in peter alexander once again. peter travels with mitt romney. as they get ready for the debate, how much of the debate can we expect to be on benghazi and spent on the president's record on foreign policy? >> reporter: well, obviously that remains in the hands of the voters in that room with both mitt
Oct 14, 2012 12:00pm PDT
are appreciating what he's saying, having witnessed what he did in that first debate with president obama. he faces unique challenges in this next debate on tuesday night outside of new york city at hofstra university. specifically, he will have to speak directly to the voters in the room with them, just a total of 80 voters. while he's done a lot of town halls, the campaign says he has practice at this, he hasn't had a lot of tough questions thrown at him at those town halls. they're generally from people who are there because they support him. i spoke to a top adviser a couple days ago who said among the things they've been focusing on is physically what you do with your body during that conversation. do you look at the president? do you look at the moderator? do you speak directly to the vote who ar who is talking to y? obviously it's more challenging than the last debate. among other things, there's no closing argument. the campaign felt really good about mitt romney's closing argument and his two-minute comments throughout the course of the first debate. he won't have that opportunity this deb
Oct 19, 2012 8:00am PDT
for the showdown. now many are already in florida attending a rally tonight in daytona. first time romney will do debate prep in the same state as the actual debate. romney picked up an endorsement from orlando sentinel today and vice president biden speaks in florida in sun city. there's the prep for that. florida a hotly contested debate the obama campaign would like to keep in its column. up next, we'll ask larry to break out his crystal ball. relief at the pump. gas prices dropping again. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot? check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. >>> even the smallest state could have a big impact on each of the presidential candidates' path to 270. joining me now is larry, director of the university of virginia center for politics. hi, larry. good day to you. let's start with the difference in polling. we have nbc/"wall street journal" poll which gives the president leads in iowa and wisconsin. wis
Oct 28, 2012 12:00pm PDT
on the mid atlantic right now. moments ago new york's mayor michael bloomberg telling city residents in evacuation zones that, quote, time is running out to leave their homes. we'll have much more on the storm coming up. >>> first though back to ohio where they have been voting since october 2nd, but as the presidential campaigns are focusing their attention, money and a whole heap of advertising, nbc's john yang tells us voters in the buckeye state really just want it all to be over. >> president obama has a different view. >> reporter: for sue and jack mckitrick, the barrage begins before daybreak. she's undecided. he supports mitt romney. >> the ads are on continuously from 5:00 in the morning until we go to bed at night. >> reporter: an nbc analysis found there's more money being spent in political ads in ohio than in any other state, $185 million so far. that's one-fifth of the national total of $907 million, a figure on track to top $1 billion by election day. in columbus more than 6,600 ads just this month. that's 333 per day. for jack mckitrick it's become background noise. >
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)